3D Letter Puzzle Toys

We mainly selling 3D Letter Puzzle Toys Letter Puzzle Toys Jigsaw etc. And we are very competitive in the current market, the quality of our 3D Letter Puzzle Toys leading the country. The most important thing is that we base on client profit.

3D Letter Puzzle Toys Description

3D Letter Puzzle toys which  is made of  paper and foam , is safe and friendly.

3D Letter Puzzle toys Assembly methods: don't need any tools, products have been cut inside pressure molding, each a small pieces are marked on the Numbers, When assemble just put the same number together.
Please pay attention to 3DLetter Puzzle toys assembly product protection,

 1. don't use brute force, such as excessive frequent toys puzzles, materials and structure will wear out, which may affect the product's appearance;

2 don't near the fire place  when assemble

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